Something In The Air

Only in Wisconsin could bovine flatulence become not just a political issue, but the topic of a TV commercial in which a U.S. Senate candidate tells voters a study of cow gas “smelled like government waste to me.”
Delving into Dave Barry territory, the
30-second spot, created by William Eisner & Associates in Hales Corners, Wis., for Republican Mark Neumann, a Badger State congressman, seeks to exploit a government-funded study evaluating the effect of methane gas from cows on the atmosphere. Neumann’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold, voted for the study, according to the spot.
The ad shows a befuddled-looking “scientist” traipsing about a field, attempting to waft fumes from the cattle into an open jar. “Dramatic reenactment,” notes small type at the bottom of the screen. Neumann appears outside the fenced field, touting his attempts to squash such spending.
“Isn’t it a sad commentary on the state of politics when cow farts are actually more tasteful than what’s going on elsewhere in politics?” pondered William
Eisner Jr., chief creative officer at the agency.
–Trevor Jensen