Never let it be said the creative team behind the new ads for Trump International Hotel and Tower skimmed its research responsibilities.

CMG Communications senior vice presidents, executive creative directors Dave Berger and Mark D’Arcy gave the Central Park West luxury inn a ‘rigorous 10-day evaluation’ before launching its first campaign.

The New York-based admen admitted they were tireless in their testing: They put themselves through two massages daily and countless steaks prepared by New York’s hottest chef, Jean-George Vongerichten (shown here), whose eatery is located on the ground floor.

They did bypass the complimentary caviar, but demanded the freezer be stocked with their nine favorite flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The result: The print ads tout amenities such as a telescope (and skyline view) in every room and the option of having dinner prepared in your chambers by a Vongerichten staff chef.

The ads, to break this summer in Departure and Forbes, are tagged: ‘New York’s new standard for luxury and privacy.’

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