Sokolove, The Next Wave

Count ’em. There are 63 new spots now rolling out for personal injury lawyer James Sokolove.
The star of his own ubiquitous ads for the past four years, Sokolove has turned over a new leaf: This time around, he’s targeting medical malpractice clients.
Created by Omega Advertising in Boston, the ads position Sokolove not as the ambulance-chaser of past efforts, but a “defender of your right to competent care,” as the tagline states.
The spots also feature actors portraying victims of hospital mishaps.
“The accident pie has been cut into many small pieces, and it’s time to turn his attention to the other side of his practice,” explained creative director Andy Fruit.
“We felt the appeal of a lawyer who advertised on television would be a negative with nontraditional Sokolove targets. He’s aiming for wage earners at work during the day.”
–Sarah Jones