Socks: The Key To Creativity

Next time you find yourself picking out a new pair of socks, consider choosing a more adventurous design pattern.

Road kill, maybe.

According to Tom Monahan, the former creative director of Leonard/Monahan in Providence, R.I., and a wearer of road-kill patterned socks (shown here), creativity starts with getting away from the known–something as simple as replacing paisley with dead possum.

Monahan travels the world giving ‘creative thinking’ presentations to corporations such as IBM and Hasbro. In one workshop held last week in Providence, Monahan had participants create an unusable bed, design three different paper neckties and think up a better home security system.

Monahan retired from Leonard/Monahan a few years ago to take his show on the road. He returns between gigs to an office in the agency’s building. Under his tutelage, Leonard/Monahan was one of the first creative boutiques off Madison Avenue to make it with national clients such as Lotus, Keds and American Tourister.

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