Sociable Employees

Various surveys have shown the workers often go online during the workday for reasons related tangentially, if at all, to their jobs. Indeed, some e-commerce sites depend on such workday e-jaunts by worker/consumers. But how do the workers’ employers feel about this?

A survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas gives a partial indication as it quizzes people on company attitudes toward visits to social-networking sites during office hours. Asked to sum up their own company’s attitude, 47 percent of the workers surveyed said visits to such sites “are not a problem as long as employees’ work gets done.” But 33 percent said their company views this activity as “a drain on worker productivity.”

On the other end of the spectrum, 10 percent said the company views online social networking as “invaluable marketing, networking and sales tools,”and another 6 percent said the official attitude is that “We encourage employees to have a presence on these sites.”