SoBe “Summer Magic”

Hot (and hot-tempered) supermodel Naomi Campbell? Check. Colony of dancing water lizards, courtesy of CGI? Check. Weren’t those the same components that made Sobe’s “Thrillicious” the most-watched Super Bowl spot on YouTube this year? So what’s a brand to do to top that viral extravaganza for the summer? How about if you lose the weird Michael Jackson/prison dance angle and squeeze Campbell into a custom-made silver one-piece bathing suit for this “Summer Magic” followup? There’s a rather distracting crotch shot, but I guess you could argue that the camera is following the bottle. But I’m expecting the roof — or at least some batting helmets — to blow off tonight when the ad, created and directed by Peter Arnell, is unveiled during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Fox. Campbell seems so thrilled that the little critters have hopped into the frame to join her that she’s practically orgasmic once the lead lizard, Lee, raises the beach umbrella way, way up! In fact, so many of the visual jokes are X-rated that perhaps you should shield the kids, except for the very funny shots when the musician/lizards, garbed in mini Afro wigs and vests, get to wail away on tiny-electric guitars, conga drums and maracas. But by the time the main lizard hops on Campbell’s shoulder, and we watch her back (and high cut rear) as she walks into the water, I would imagine that the audience will be in need of some hydration. I’m thinking the new flavor, Goji Melon, might fit the bill. –Barbara Lippert