So Much For Thinking Big Brands Are Better

It would be nice, from an ad-biz perspective, to think consumers regard big-name brands (massive ad budgets and all) as superior to private-label products. Alas, an ACNielsen survey finds it isn’t so. Nor is it any longer the case that consumers think private-label goods are acceptable only in product categories that don’t much matter. A less-than-landslide 25 percent of respondents subscribed to the statement, “I don’t think private-label brands are suitable for products where quality really matters.” Fewer still (19 percent) dismissed private labels as “really meant for people who are on tight budgets and can’t afford the best brands.” Even the packaging—once a weak spot—now passes muster with shoppers, as just 25 percent said private labels have “very cheap-looking packaging that puts me off buying them.” Tellingly, 72 percent agreed that “These days, the quality of most private-label brands is at least as good as that of the usual big brands”; 81 percent said they’re “usually an extremely good value for the money.”