Snickers “Road Trip”

Snickers is following up its Betty White-Abe Vigoda Super Bowl victory with another celebrity duo representing the Mars brand’s new tagline, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” In a spot breaking next week from BBDO in New York, Aretha Franklin and Liza Minnelli take a road trip. Actually, the spot is about four guys in a car, but when it opens, Aretha’s in the back seat complaining about the AC and smacking one of the guys in the head. Passing her a candy bar, one of the dudes begs her to eat: “Every time you get hungry, you turn into a diva.” After he eats, a strange transformation occurs. And then Liza shows up. It’s nowhere near as funny as watching Betty and Abe get tackled on the football field, but then again few things are. –-Eleftheria Parpis