Snapple Runs With the 'Bulls'

NEW YORK The Snapple bottles are at it again.

In six new TV spots by Deutsch for the White Plains, N.Y.-based beverage maker, the bottles run with the “bulls”—actually guinea pigs—in Pamplona, Spain, host a bachelorette party as well as a wedding, perform a synchronized swim routine, frolic in a bouncing car and take part in a yard sale.

The spots broke on Monday and are running on Viacom channels including MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, among others.

The ads are designed to “hit the sweet spot” of the demographic target, consumers age 18-24, said David Rosen, vp, associate creative director and copywriter at the New York agency. “We looked at what consumers were doing at that age and tried to tailor stories to that.”

Take running with the bulls, for example. “During those years, consumers go through different life stages, like traveling and relationships,” said Scott Bassen, vp, associate creative director and art director. “Travel led us to backpacking through Europe, which led us to running with the bulls.”

Actual bulls were out of the question, so agency creatives considered a variety of furry animals, including hamsters and gerbils.

“The guinea pigs were the best suited,” said Rosen. “They ran the best.”

Twenty guinea pigs were trained to run toward a whistle for the commercial shoot. While the animals ran quite well, they tired after a few takes and were allowed to rest. “We were cracking up,” said Bassen. “It was hilarious.”

This is the second round of Deutsch’s “Personified bottles” campaign for Snapple. The first series broke last year and featured the bottles throwing a raucous party and spying on girls in the locker room.

Spending for the latest campaign was undisclosed; Snapple spent about $10 million in measured media in 2002, according to CMR.