Snapple Asks 'What's Your Story'

NEW YORK — Building upon its offline campaign that personifies its bottles, Snapple is asking people to submit their real-life stories online for the chance to have it re-enacted by the bottles in a TV spot.

The “What’s Your Story” promotion (, which runs through July 30, encourages “offbeat, quirky stories that have happened to you or your friends.”

Four stories will be selected as finalists based on creativity, humor and appropriateness to be made into a Snapple spot. The finalists will be posted Aug. 15-30 to the Snapple Web site, where the public can vote to determine the Grand Prize Winner.

The promotion was created by iDeutsch in New York, which also redesigned the Snapple site ( The new Snapple site portrays the life of people in “Snappleton.” As Web surfers roll their mouse over citizens of Snappleton, bubbles pop up that tell their story. Visitors can also click on different buildings to enter.

iDeutsh parent Deutsch created the offline campaign that broke two weeks ago. One TV spot shows a wild party that has Snapple bottles dancing, making out and trashing a house, until Mom and Dad Snapple bottle arrive home and kill the fun. An outdoor ad, “Cow Tipping,” features an evening shot, set in a pasture with two Snapple bottles tipping a sleeping cow. The spots and the outdoor ads can be viewed on the Web site at the Snaplex Cinema and Bob’s Hall of Snapple, respectively.