Snapple Ads Take New Approach

Deutsch’s new TV work for Snapple introduces a new tagline but retains the quirkiness of prior advertising, sources said. Gone, however, is Wendy Kaufman, the product’s signature spokeswoman, who appeared in the agency’s first work for the client last year.
Sources said the new spots are more product-focused and less “New Yawk.” Replacing Wendy are vignettes that illustrate the wide variety of Snapple flavors. The ads begin with a cap unscrewing itself and the camera diving inside the bottle, and end with the same image, only in reverse [Brandweek, March 30].
One spot takes place in a grade-school classroom, where a girl solves a math problem using a giant abacus made of Snapple bottles, sources said. Another is for a wacky promotion dubbed: “Win nothing instantly!” In the spot, a man in a diving contest bellyflops into a pool. He gets nothing but zeros from a panel of judges, and punches the air in exultation.
The tagline could not be learned, but maintains the same positioning as the long-running “Made from the best stuff on earth.” The new line refers to the “good stuff” inside every bottle.
Four commercials have been produced and a fifth, for the new WhipperSnapple smoothies line, was shot last week. The $20-25 million campaign is expected to break in May.
Deutsch chief executive Donny Deutsch and executives at Snapple’s parent company, Triarc Beverage Group in White Plains, N.Y., declined comment.
In Deutsch’s last spot for Snapple, Wendy had been lost on a tropical island. In her time there, she had influenced the natives so much that they prayed to a Snapple idol and spoke with Long Island accents. This isn’t the first time Snapple has run ads sans Wendy. Following Snapple’s purchase by Quaker, Wendy was also shelved.