Smucker’s Strawberry Field, Forever

NEW YORK The J.M. Smucker Co. reminds viewers that “With a name like Smucker’s it’s got to be good” with a lovely spot from Grey, New York, depicting the founders as young boys. Part of a new campaign breaking this week emphasizing the company’s family heritage, the commercial travels back to 1954 Ohio, where older brother Tom watches as young Richard waves an empty preserve jar over the fruit patches in a strawberry field. “Whatcha doing Richard, catching butterflies?” he asks. Nah, his baby brother tells him, he is capturing “the smell of strawberries.” The spot then cuts a steaming pot of on a stove top as the voiceover (Willard Scott) reveals what makes the company’s jam taste so good. The family’s preserves-making secret: “a way to capture the flavorful aroma that used to escape when jam was made.” Still don’t know exactly how the sweet smells are “captured”; it has something to do with the lid, but no matter. The ad reminds viewers the company has been making jam for five generations, and the childhood “flashback,” though hardly believable, is a charming way to promote the product’s sensory-enticing value without being too saccharine.