SMU Adds Hispanic Marketing to MBA

DALLAS Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business here has added a Hispanic marketing course to its MBA curriculum.

Dr. Edward Rincon, president of Rincon & Associates, a Dallas consulting firm specializing in Hispanic marketing, will lead the program at the Cox School, one of the most highly ranked business colleges by major business publications.

With 40 million consumers and a buying power approaching $700 billion, the Hispanic market remains poorly understood by many executives, marketing experts have said.

“Only a handful of universities are offering courses on this topic,” Rincon said. “Yet the increasing growth of the Hispanic population fuels the demand for new products and services. It is critical that today’s corporate and public sector executive learn that different segments require unique communications and marketing approaches.”

In the 2000 Census, one out of eight people in the U.S. was of Hispanic origin, translating to 32.8 million Latinos, primarily of Mexican descent. Culturally relevant advertising, specialized products and bilingual labels are fast becoming the practice of major corporations that are targeting U.S. Hispanic consumers, Rincon said.

Rincon’s course focuses on research practices, choosing the best media options, the role of language in Hispanic consumer behavior, understanding key psychological and lifestyle variations, and the elements of sound advertising techniques. Student teams also develop and present Hispanic marketing plans.