Smoothie Plot Thickens

Tropicana hopes to shake up its FruitWise Smoothies with a new TV spot from Foote, Cone & Belding that repositions the drink as a snack. The ad breaks this week in select markets.
The juice product was introduced last year with a spot titled “BraveFruit,” in which computer-generated fruits dive valiantly into a blender. The new 30-second spot abandons animation for live action–laced with sexual innuendo–set in a colorful, surreal locale.
“The first spot sold what a smoothie was,” said copywriter Scott Rosenblit. “By now, everyone knows what it is.”
The new spot positions the drink, which is thicker than rival WhipperSnapple, as a between-meal snack. Ads aimed at consumers in their 20s will break in Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, Fla., with a national rollout set for next year. Print and radio components are also possible.
Shot in Australia with a local cast, “Fuel” shows a dark-haired woman driving on a deserted stretch of highway between the mythical towns of Lunch and Dinner.
As she zips along in her convertible, searching for something “thick and satisfying,” she passes up Mr. Porky’s Pork Dogs and The Chocolate Bar. Instead, she stops at the FruitWise Smoothie filling station, where a handsome attendant hands her a drink and coos, “Oh, baby.” The tagline: “Fills the space between meals.”
Tropicana has spent less than $4 million on FruitWise since last October, per Competitive Media Reporting.
Sales of blended smoothie drinks have soared lately, propelled by juice-bar chains and Dunkin’ Donuts.