Smoke ‘Em If You Don’t Got ‘Em

You’re a convenience store chain named Tobacco Road. You sell gasoline and cigarettes. But advertising cigarettes on TV is banned. Hmmm.
Tobacco Road’s agency, red7e in Louisville, Ky., has skirted that problem by addressing it head-on in a series of humorous TV and radio spots.
Each of three 30-second TV spots opens with a shot of a matchbook and a deadpan voiceover: “At Tobacco Road, we can’t talk about some of the products we sell. So now, for your viewing pleasure …”
Spots then cut to bits of stock video footage. One uses a scene from a 1950s monster movie, another shows frolicking kittens, and a third presents 20 seconds of an unknown ’50s nightclub crooner (given the name Jerry Pimento in the spot).
“We just tried to find the silliest stuff we could,” said Dan Barberchuk, red7e creative director. “Not talking about cigarettes is the hook.”
The ads are airing in selected Kentucky and Indiana markets.
…..–Scott Hume