Smith Acquires G&L

The Smith Agency last week acquired G&L Group, but it was the latter company’s Jim Lobel who ended up on top.
Lobel assumes presidency of the merged advertising entity, which will now be known as The Smith Agency’s principal, president and creative director, Andrew Smith, creator of the popular “God speaks” billboard campaign that put the shop on the map, has left the company.
G&L Group creative director Shelly Isaacs, who has extensive media, hospitality and sports category experience, will assume creative leadership, according to Lobel.
Neither Lobel nor David Bawarsky, chief executive officer of QuikBiz Internet Group, which purchased The Smith Agency two years ago, would explain what happened to Smith. After agreeing to help arrange to have Smith available to talk about the deal, agency spokesman Steve Rice said Friday no access would be provided.
G&L Group, previously known as Gallaspy & Lobel, was sold to QuikBiz Internet Group in an exchange for the company’s stock, Lobel said. He approximated his holdings to be slightly less than 5 percent.
Lobel told Adweek total annual billings for the new agency operation would approach $20 million.
QuikBiz Internet Group specializes in business-to-business e-commerce. Lobel said the merger would strengthen the agency’s high-tech communication capabilities.
All of the businesses are based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. K