Smirnoff’s Epic Sea Voyage

NEW YORK An epic new Smirnoff spot from JWT, London, illustrates the vodka’s extensive purification system with a dramatic sea adventure that is a visual treat. Directed by Daniel Kleinman, the special effects-laden spot, running online and on TV and in cinemas in the U.K., features all sorts of objects that have been buried on the ocean floor being inexplicably propelled out of the water and crashing onto dry land. The purge begins when a sailor throws an empty can overboard and gets hit in the head by it when he turns away. Coins, presumably sunken treasure, then come rushing to the surface, followed by anchors, fighter planes, ancient statues and ships, all violently crashing onto shore. Screen copy explains, “Extraordinary Purification,” and that the triple-distilled vodka is filtered 10 times. The spot ends with an underwater shot of the vodka bottle and the tag, “Clearly Smirnoff.” Clearly, “Sea” is another stunning spot from the famous director. And it makes the vodka’s purification process, even if it’s a fraction as intense as this ad makes it out to be, feel as extraordinary as its promise.