‘Smile Tool’ Supports Natural Dentist Debut

NEW YORK The Natural Dentist wants to see your smile.

The Boston-based oral care product maker on Monday unveils a Web site, www.whatyoursmilesays.com, that asks people to upload pictures of their smiles for analysis.

The smile tool is part of an integrated marketing campaign from Lime, the public relations division of MDC Partners’ Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. (Modern Publicity, a New York-based agency, built the site.)

Patti Wood, a body language expert and motivational speaker, provides the analysis. Smiles can be one of four types: analyzer, driver, influencer or supporter.

“It’s looking at the relationship between the features on your face and your smile. Where are your eyes in relation to your smile, the shape of your smile, etc.,” said Claudia Strauss, president of Lime, based in New York.

In addition to the site, a tour touting the benefits of the product line starts on Oct. 20 in Boston. An 18-foot truck will go to retailer locations and community events. While there, photographers will take people’s pictures and offer to upload them to the analyzer. In addition, samples of Natural Dentist products will be distributed.

There will also be e-mail marketing to the periodontists and dentists in the company’s database. Per sources, the campaign will cost about $1 million.

Natural Dentist, a premium line of products, competes with companies such as Tom’s of Maine for the consumer who identifies with natural products. “Consumers are so aware of natural products and organic foods,” said Strauss. “The irony is that most people have not made the connection between what they put in their mouth and what’s in it.”

Natural Dentist, which was started 12 years ago before being bought by a group of investors in 2005, is trying to position itself as a brand that cares about people’s overall health.

“We’re getting a brand off the ground and we want people to know us in a more personal way,” said Nancy Rosenzweig, present and CEO of Natural Dentist. “We need to find the essence of our brand and bring it out in an engaging way. In this case, we’re passionate about a product that will not only improve people’s oral health but that it connects to their overall well-being.”