That Smarts

Who’s the smartest of them all? According to Minnesota Law & Politics, not ad execs.
For its September issue, the journal compiled a list of the state’s 100 smartest people. Only two are from advertising: Fallon McElligott chairman Pat Fallon and North Woods Advertising president Bill Hillsman.
While noting the tongue-in-cheek nature of such a list, Steve Kaplan, the journal’s editor, said he looked for Minnesotans who were not just smart, but also had “applied intelligence.”
Among those meeting the criteria were record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Robert Bly and Garrison Keillor.
Kaplan said Fallon and Hillsman were obvious choices: Fallon built an advertising powerhouse in the Twin Cities; Hillsman was given credit for the advertising that led to the elections of Sen. Paul Wellstone and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.
The two admen downplayed the honor. “I just don’t want to say something stupid,” was Hillsman’s only comment in a release touting his mention.
Said Fallon, through an agency representative, “If I’m so smart, why does my wife keep telling me I’m a shithead?”
–Aaron Baar