Smart People’s Television The latest campaign by Hal Riney & Partners in San Francisco for the Public Broadcasting Service cashes in on the success of the existing tagline, “If PBS doesn’t do it, who will?” The ads also show how knowledge gained from PBS

“We want to emphasize that PBS is a choice that can be made by ordinary people, and not just those who tune in to high-brow, cultural programs,” said Brenda Nesbitt, director of advertising and creative services at PBS headquarters in Alexandria, Va.
In one spot, two cattlemen sit by a campfire and look at the night sky. One says, “It’s amazing how many stars there are.” The other ponders and replies, “You know what’s really amazing? Recent discoveries in the Orion Nebula . . . increase the chance of our not being alone.” With that said, they both gaze at the sky in wonder.
Riney senior vice presidents/executive creative directors Steve Sweitzer and Dave O’Hare oversaw the development of the campaign. O’Hare was also copywriter.