A Small-Scale Super Sunday

Industry talk about the Super Bowl, the biggest day in TV advertising, centers mostly on the big boys who can burn $1.6 million in a mere 30 seconds.
It’s a different ball game on a regional level. Affiliates fill in time during the big game with regional spots that many viewers can barely differentiate from the slick, high-production spots promoting Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi.
Viewers in southeast Wisconsin, for example, will enjoy some less glossy local ads, including a 30-second spot from Meyer & Wallis in Milwaukee for Shorewest Realtors, one of the state’s biggest homesellers.
Entitled “Louie,” it is a follow-up to last year’s “Yodeler” effort, and again features a spiky-haired Gen-Xer who is enamored of yodeling.
In this spot, the young man happens by a mobster in the witness protection program who is being shown a house by a G-man. The agent tells the mobster his new name is Dwayne Nesbitt.
The yodeling fanatic drives past in his car, dancing in his seat to the CD Yo-Yo Yodel.
He spots the new homeowner and yells, “Louie the Snitch, I saw you on TV!” Stricken, Louie mutters, “I’m a dead man.”
The tagline: “Need to sell your home … again?” –Trevor Jensen