Small Agency Hopes to Make ‘Major’ Impact

BOSTON-Bob Demetrius has been named a partner in Leveille Stawarz & Holl, a seven-person agency in Chicoppe, Mass. Now called LSH&D, the shop has recently won two ad assignments and added work from existing client MassMutual.
Demetrius joined LSH&D as an equal partner with Tom Leveille, Rick Stawarz and Ron Holl. Demetrius had worked in MassMutual’s in-house design unit for the past several years but returned to the agency fold because the work on the client side had become “too corporate . . . I wasn’t getting to be as creative as I wanted to be,” Demetrius said. Prior to MassMutual, he worked at Ketchum Advertising in Los Angeles.
At LSH&D, Demetrius plans to leverage his online expertise to help the shop pick up Web and CD-ROM assignments, he said.
LSH&D was recently awarded creative projects from AGFA’s X-ray film and equipment unit in Ridgefield Park, N.J., and from Emhart Corp. in Windsor, Conn., a division of Black & Decker that makes machinery used in the glass manufacturing industry.
“We’re heavy in business-to-business print [advertising] . . .
We understand it,” said LSH&D president Tom Leveille, who founded the shop seven years ago after running a small design company. “We want to grow smart.”
LSH&D is looking to leverage its design-oriented, business-to-business expertise as part of its “major league impact” new-business drive. The agency is preparing a mailing of employee “baseball cards” to 250-500 client prospects throughout New England, focusing on financial services and industrial companies in Massachusetts, said Leveille. “There’s no reason we can’t be a 100-man operation in the next 10 years,” he said.