Now appealing do meatballs, quiche or soup made from White Castle hamburgers sound?

You can find out by following recipes using the famous ‘sliders’ in the Crave Time Cookbook, put together by the fast-food chain’s agency of record, J. Walter Thompson in Detroit.

The book features a retro, comic-book style cover. Graphics throughout pay heed to a kinder, simpler time, when an aproned mom might have had a White Castle Casserole waiting for her hungry family.

The cookbook’s first printing of 25,000 copies has sold out. The $52,000 in proceeds was donated to different groups that feed the hungry nationwide.

But don’t despair, word is the Columbus, Ohio-based chain is planning to publish the book for distribution in bookstores. If nothing else, the company has kicked off a new recipe contest looking for more slider-based recipes, with the 12 best published in a booklet this fall. Winners get a sack of 10 burgers each week for a year.

That’s enough for many helpings of White Castle Quiche.

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