SKY NO LONGER THE LIMIT When California entrepreneur Gene Meyers talks about selling space, he’s not talking about magazine media. Meyers is talking outer space, as in flying saucers, Martians and-Meyers’ favorite topic-space stations for tourists.

The former aerospace engineer and a group of cohorts are behind the Space Islands Project, a private enterprise that would turn everyday, well-grounded folks into astronauts. The stations, under the group’s proposal (sketch shown here), would be made from the external tanks that fuel the space shuttles, linked like a large wheel similar to the station portrayed in 2001, A Space Odyssey.
Meyers is pitching advertisers across the country to help fund the stations. His latest proposal involves Carnival Cruise Lines, Pan Am and the Miami Heat as lead sponsors of the effort, given that the station would be constructed and launched in Florida, home of those firms.
Engineers claim the first of the stations could be operational by New Year’s Eve 2001, Meyers said.
Making vacation plans? Meyers’ estimated travel time to the moon: three days.