Skintimate Offers Something Everyone Could Use Right Now: Shower Meditations

The brand's new line of body care products highlights the importance of self-care

The new body care collection comes in three distinct scent profiles: floral, citrus and botanic. Courtesy of Skintimate
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Of all the things the coronavirus pandemic has upended, people’s emotional well-being is certainly one of them. A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, for instance, found that 45% of U.S. adults feel that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health. Crisis hotlines are also receiving a surge in calls, according to The Washington Post.

In this stressful and anxious environment, Edgewell Personal Care-owned shaving brand Skintimate is debuting a new line of body care products with the help of something most of the country could probably use right now: shower meditations.

There are three eight-minute-long audio meditations, titled “The Skintimate Mindful Showers,” which are available on YouTube and the company’s website. The meditations are meant to guide listeners through their shower routine while cultivating a moment of calm and serenity. Created in partnership with mindfulness expert Shauna Shapiro, each meditation is focused on setting a tone of either confidence, energy or relaxation.

The benefit of meditating in the shower, as opposed to sitting in silence on a mat in the living room, is that an individual is engaging in a particular activity, and therefore bringing presence and purpose to the moment, according to Shapiro.

“The shower is a wonderful place to practice mindfulness for many reasons,” she said. “First, it is a private space where you will not be interrupted. Second, it is an easy place to bring alive our senses—smelling, hearing, touching. Lastly, the shower is a natural place of self-care, bringing mindfulness to this typically automatic routine, helps deepen this self-care.”

To market the new line, Skintimate has also teamed up with millennial entrepreneur and founder of the Girlboss media company, Sophia Amoruso, who will be trying the shower meditations for a week and sharing the experience with her followers on social media. On Thursday, Amoruso and Shapiro are scheduled to discuss the importance of meditation and the unique space a shower offers for doing so on Instagram Live.

“Now has been a great opportunity for all of us to test drive what we’re able to do in our home to take care of ourselves,” said Amoruso. “I’ve always wanted to have something called a zen den in my house, and there’s just no space for it. We really don’t need a special area to meditate or take care of ourselves. Most of us have a shower.”

Plus, showers come with a natural white noise that’s perfect for meditation, Amoruso said.

Meditation is having something of a moment right now: In recent weeks, meditation apps have seen a significant increase in downloads as people look to create a sense of inner peace.

However, the rollout of Skintimate’s shower meditations were planned before the pandemic. The brand, of course, felt that the promotion “remained a timely and relevant concept,” according to Melissa Murphy, senior brand manager at Skintimate, as they are “something people can do in their own homes.”

Skintimate’s new collection, the brand’s first push into total body care, comes in three distinct scent profiles: floral, citrus and botanic. The products also feature sleek new packaging—exclusive to this line—and are available for sale on the brand’s website and

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