Skeletor Dances to the Theme From Fame in the Most ’80s-Tastic Ad You’ll See This Year

He-Man's here too in U.K. spot for MoneySuperMarket

Skeletor is feeling epic in this new U.K. spot for MoneySuperMarket.
Headshot of David Griner

With an undead head and inhuman abs, Skeletor might literally live forever, which could explain why he’s now jamming out to the lyrically appropriate theme from Fame.

Mattel’s cackling villain from the 1980s cartoon (and blatant toy marketing machine) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe returns to the marketing world after a three-year hiatus, most recently having taken over Honda’s Twitter feed in 2014.

Now Skeletor is shilling for MoneySuperMarket, a British financial-comparison site that promises to help users save on insurance, bank rates and more. And, as you’d imagine, He-Man isn’t far behind.

The only thing more impressive than the spot’s costumes is Skeletor’s moves, leaving viewers disappointed when He-Man doesn’t demand a dance-off. There is, however, a section of the brand’s site where you can “meet the Masters of the Universe” and take a quiz on your knowledge of the retro action figures.

The ad was created by agency Mother as part of the brand’s “Epic” campaign. The previous installment, “Epic Strut,” held the dubious distinction of being Britain’s most-complained-about ad in 2015, per the Advertising Standards Authority:

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