Size Really Does Matter

Frustrated by what he sees as a “growing trend of hard-to-read” billboards, Bruce Bieber has decided to launch an agency specializing in big-size outdoor ads. Its name: Beeg Logo.
The Portland, Ore.-based entrepreneur said he was inspired to start his specialty shop (its logo is shown here) when he was unable to read four out of five billboards he came across as a motorist.
“Too many ad agency creatives are treating billboards like print ads, perhaps to improve their portfolio value at client expense,” he said.
Bieber promises would-be clients that he will, at a minimum, devote 15 percent of the total area of a board or sign ad to their logo. A maximum of 10 words will be allowed in the slogan.
Beeg Logo will place ads in Portland and the Pacific Northwest through Leslie Petersen Media in Portland.
Bieber also heads Perpetual Promotion, a sales promotion agency, and the Portland BrewBus, a weekly brewery and pub tour.