Forges Alliance with NADP

News America Digital Publishing, the electronic publishing arm of News Corporation, today gets a few degrees closer to a popular online community.
Beginning this week, NADP, parent of FOX Sports Online and FOX News Online, will share co-licensed content with Web community NADP will acquire an equity stake in, and both will cross-promote their brands off- and online. The alliance will help further expand into international markets; it already reaches members in 165 countries.
“A large part of this game is distribution and branding,” said Andrew Weinreich, president and CEO of “[We are] . . . moving toward a community marketplace where people can not only interact and meet people, but they can also buy and sell products and services. The idea of infusing those channels with rich FOX content is very powerful.”
The alliance gives NADP access to deep community functionality and marks a key direct marketing and advertising partnership, said James Murdoch, president of NADP.
Launched in 1997, New York-based capitalizes on the pop-culture theory that all people are linked by sometimes unapparent connections, or only “six degrees of separation.” More than 2.5 million members have opted-in to topic-specific newsgroups and e-mail chains.
NADP users can now use’s community-enabling functions, including personalized bulletin boards, newsgroups, live chats and e-commerce offerings.

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