When Dayton Hudson Corp., Minneapolis, decided it wanted to test the infomercial format as a marketing concept, company executives faced the daunting task of determining which of its countless products it would feature in the 30-minute program.
Through research, DH discovered that sleep deprivation is a hot topic and people are passionate about pillows. DuPont had a new pillow fiber it was promoting, so DH decided to promote DuPont Certified Comforel Supreme sleep products.
The infomercial, running on 30 independent, cable and network stations from June 25 through July 7, features six segements that promote different types of pillows and mattress pads. The informercial is running primarily in markets where DH does not have Dayton’s, Hudson’s or Marshall Field’s department stores.
DH spokesperson Becky Bailey said response from the informercial is already positive.
‘We’ve received orders from all over the country for all products, which means people are watching the informercial all the way through,’ Bailey said. ‘We expect to have a decision in four to six weeks on whether or not we will roll out the concept.’
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