Sisters Open Urban Youth Shop

Moving to fill what they see as a void in film advertising, sisters Christi and Kelly Turner have opened an ad agency, Vurv.

They said the independent shop in West Hollywood, Calif., offers “urban and crossover marketing aimed at the hip-hop, youth and ethnic markets.”

Vurv opens with six employees and two clients, Screen Gems and Universal Pictures. For Screen Gems, Vurv is developing a poster for Half-Past Dead, which opens in November. Universal hired the shop for print and broadcast work for Empire, scheduled for release in early 2003.

Kelly Turner, 27, said she and her sister feel that few agencies speak to urban and ethnic markets. “Most of the vendors are white males who are older,” she said. “We couldn’t imagine finding a person who actually listens to rap music or knows who Christina Aguilera is.”

Christi Turner, 25, added that the two are in “a position to know what studios are looking for.” Kelly was previously manager of creative advertising at Universal Pictures. Christi was an independent creative director and an account executive at Pulse Advertising in Los Angeles.

Christi Turner said she and her sister have a unique perspective because their ancestry is half black and half Japanese.

In addition to the Turners, who are partners, Vurv employees include creative director Nguyen Nguyen and senior art director Gardner DeFranceaux from Pulse, and editor Noah Sher from Trailer Park.