Sincerest Form Of Flattery

When West & Vaughan went to work on a print effort for Southern States Volkswagen, the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., agency used the opportunity to pay homage to one of the great advertising campaigns of all time.
Instead of trying to put a fresh spin on the new Beetle for its local client, the agency literally took a page from Doyle Dane Bernbach’s Volkswagen work of the 1960s. Changing only the text and car, W&V creative chief Robert Shaw West used two DDB layouts with altered headlines.
The “Lemon” ad of old now carries the headline, “Deja VW.” Likewise, the “Think Small” ad now uses the message, “Volkswagain”(shown here). In the lower right-hand corner of each ad is a credit to the art director who crafted the look of DDB’s VW work, Helmut Krone.
In the credits for the campaign, the agency lists Krone as art director and Bill Bernbach as chief creative officer.
–Jim Osterman