Silver Lining

Despite crude oil hitting $75 a barrel and indications of an economic slowdown, the markets finished the week ahead thanks to the prevailing sentiment that the bad news would prompt the Fed to ease interest rate increases. After hitting a six-year high on Thursday, the Dow continued to gain on Friday for another record. The index closed up 210.12 points at 11,347.45, a nearly 2 percent gain. The Nasdaq gained 17.3 points for the week, closing at 2,342.86, up 0.7 percent. Ad holding companies also posted gains. Omnicom increased 0.8 points, closing at 85.97, up nearly 1 percent. WPP Group gained 5.3 percent of its value for the week, closing at 62.13, up 3.13 points. Interpublic Group was little changed, gaining only 0.04 points to close at 9.46, up 0.4 percent. Publicis Groupe gained, closing at 40.33, up 1.73 points, a 4.5 percent increase.