Sight For A Sore Eye

Newly formed Blacklist Productions promises to produce quality commercials inexpensively.
The Venice, Calif.-based group, founded by Ilya Lyudmirsky, has a roster of seven directors, mostly from the feature film arena.
One of its first efforts is a 30-second spec spot sold to Annabelle Candy Co. for its Abba-Zaba candy bars. The spot, titled “Better Buy Two,” is airing in San Francisco.
The humorous, low-key spot (shown here) shows two boys sitting on a curb. One pulls out an Abba-Zaba taffy bar and tries to pull it apart to share with his friend. He struggles for several seconds as the taffy stretches. The scene then cuts to a product shot, with a sound effect of the taffy snapping and the friend accidentally getting hit. The next scene shows the boys happily munching on the candy, one of them with a black eye.
The spot was directed by Alex Vendler, an independent feature cinematographer, whose credits include the controversial documentary Kurt and Courtney.
The Miller Group, Los Angeles, remains Annabelle’s lead agency.
–Angela Dawson