Sierra Mist Starts Online Push

NEW YORK — Sierra Mist, the new lemon-lime soda from Pepsi, has extended its TV sponsorship of the newest season of ‘Survivor’ to the Web.

Billboards running during each of the Survivor episodes, which began last night, encourage viewers to visit the Sierra Mist Web site for a chance to win a trip to Marquesas, Tahiti’s mystical islands where the show takes place.

The site ( ) created by the Dallas office of Tribal DDB prompts visitors to tell which Sierra Mist, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew commercial aired during the episode. If the participant is right, they are automatically entered in the watch-and-win sweepstakes.

The effort aims to bridge offline Sierra Mist promotional activities with online, drive brand awareness and build a database of interested consumers, said Trina Uzee, associate creative director at Tribal DDB, Dallas.

Also featured on the site is Bronzeman, the star of the Sierra Mist spot from BBDO in New York that debuted Thursday night. In three interactive games to be launched in two-week intervals during the promotion, the character has to battle mean monkeys, falling coconuts and evil Tiki men with poison darts while trying to survive the island. The games, also created by Tribal DDB, Dallas, will serve as sustaining content on the site after the promotion.

“The games are a nice integration between Sierra Mist and Survivor and fun to play,” Uzee said.

To support the promotion, Sierra Mist rich media ads will run on the CBS Survivor site. The brand will also sponsor the Survivor moment of the week on the site.

In mid-April, Survivor cast-offs will be featured on the site with bios, pictures and journals. An e-mail will also be sent to registrants of PepsiWorld around that time inviting them to participate in the sweepstakes.