Sierra Club Breaks Work via Huey/Paprocki

ATLANTA Huey/Paprocki has launched an ad campaign for the Appalachian Region of the Sierra Club, the agency said.

The campaign—which includes magazine, newspaper, outdoor, direct-mail and Internet advertising—promotes the Sierra Club and Beer events held quarterly in Atlanta. The gatherings include guest speakers, an overview of upcoming events and free beer.

“Huey/Paprocki has been a great partner, and their creative work has helped us drive event attendance levels to an all-time high,” said Natalie Foster, the Sierra Club’s regional representative.

The Atlanta agency created two ads for the campaign. In one, the condensation on a glass of beer creates a pattern resembling tree bark. In the other ad, the foam on the glass of beer resembles the topographical lines commonly seen on wilderness maps.

Spending is less than $1 million and will be concentrated in Atlanta, the agency said. The shop has been creating ads for the conservation group on a pro bono basis for the past year.