Come October, New Yorkers won’t be the only ones who can easily access information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. That’s when a SIDS educational print-ad campaign, currently appearing on billboards and bus cards in New York, will roll out nationwide.
The three-ad campaign was created for the nonprofit SIDS Alliance in Baltimore by volunteers from the Ad Club of New York’s Public Service Committee.
The ads–one is in Spanish–feature black-and-white photos and gritty bold type. A pregnant belly is shown on one with the words, “It should be obvious this child needs a doctor.”
“We really wanted to target [the ads] to the urban young minority population because … the SIDS rate is very high among them,” said Karen Davenport, VP of development for the SIDS Alliance.
“[Many of our affiliates] don’t have funds to have ads created, and they’re trying to reach the same groups,” she said.
Copywriter John Sisenwein of Furman, Roth Advertising in New York and art director Kevin Garbarini of Ryan Partnership, Westport, Conn., created the campaign. It was funded by a three-year grant from the New York City Council.