Sick of working with a pack of monkeys? If so,

Sick of working with a pack of monkeys? If so, hopes you head to its job site after seeing its first Super Bowl entry.

Two 30-second spots by Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago will air in the second and third quarters. Part of an eight-spot campaign directed by Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man, they chronicle the plight of a human who is part of a staff otherwise made up entirely of monkeys at fictional Yeknom Industries (get it?). “It’s based on what a lot of people say—’I work with a bunch of monkeys,’ ” says executive creative director Marshall Ross. “What if we created a world that was entirely staffed by monkeys?”

The first ad broke on the Web last week. It shows the man on the phone with a customer. “I apologize,” he says, as chimps scream around him. “It’s just that I work with a bunch of monkeys.” The new tagline is: “A better job awaits.”

Campaign development began last spring. Consumer recognition was a key goal. “Their fame factor is not the same as Monster’s,” says Ross. The agency decided on an integrated campaign that would include spots that could run on the Super Bowl—but not exclusively there. “That lowered the pressure a little bit, I think,” Ross says. “It wasn’t like going to Vegas and putting it all down on the roulette table.”

Three teams worked on it—a shootout, unusual at C-K. The shop looked at 30 sweeping ideas and about a dozen specific directions. Copywriter Pat Hanna and art director Ted Jenkins developed the monkey idea. The agency wanted broad humor, “something that in presentation after presentation makes people laugh,” Ross says, and to appeal to the “nagging voice in the back of your head that says, ‘I can do better than this.’ “