Siblings Start Firm That Audits Spot Television Buys for Clients

A company that specializes in auditing spot market television buys for clients reunites brother and sister Richard and Pamela Shain in Newton, Mass.
Ad agencies have nothing to fear from R.A. Shain & Associates and possibly something to gain from its service, contend both Shains.
Among the media executives approached when researching the new company’s business plan early last summer was Nancy Ryan of Pro Media in Natick, Mass.
“We figured she would try to talk us of it,” said Richard Shain of Ryan. “But she encouraged us . . . Her view was that if the media buying agency is doing a good job, then it would cement the relationship” between client and agency.
Both Shains have well-traveled ad careers on both the client and agency side. They last worked together 20 years ago at Foote, Cone & Belding in San Francisco. Since then, Pam Shain has worked for HMK Advertising in Chestnut Hill, Mass., on the Carnival Cruise Lines account and at D. Body & Co. in Portland, Maine. Richard Shain also has worked in Portland, servicing the McDonald’s business while at Arnold Advertising.
Even on small accounts she has serviced, Pam Shain said it was not uncommon to find between $3,000-$5,000 in mistakes on invoices each month. Most agencies spot check for accuracy, but rarely do agencies or clients take the time to thoroughly check each invoice, she said.
“You don’t go in trying to find something wrong. You go in hoping everything is right,” said Pam Shain.