Shutdown Continues to Trash Political Party Brands

GOP brand drops the most

The political sniping in Washington over the government shutdown continues to wreak havoc on both the Democratic and Republican party brands.

As the shutdown entered its second week, the GOP, which has taken the biggest hit on its brand, slid another 5 percent, for a total drop of 17 percent in two weeks to 60 percent, according to Brand Keys' survey. Any score in the low 60s is considered a brand in trouble, said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys.

The Democratic brand has held up better among consumers, but it also slipped another 3 percent to 73 percent, for a total 10 percent drop since the shutdown.

Here are Brand Keys' brand scores, based on a survey of 450 registered Democrats and 467 registered Republicans:

                      Dem             GOP

10-10-2012   88%             77%

10-2-2013     76%             65%

10-8-2013     73%             60%

Source: Brand Keys