Shoptalk: Go Figure

2 million Number of tourists who visited New Zealand in 2002, many of them after soaking up the country’s beauty in The Lord of the Rings. Figure does not include the many people Yahoo! Travel says have tried to book trips to Middle Earth hot spots like Mordor and Rivendell without realizing they are fictional.

4 Number of inches by which women can boost their bust size by eating Bust Up Drops, according to ads in Japan for the candies. In one ad, 34-year-old actress/model/singer Aya Sugimoto says: “It’s impossible to keep your breasts in shape. Being my age, I knew I had to do something about it. … It’s like my upper breasts were balloons somebody has just put air in.” The claim may have merit, as the candies are made of vegetables that contain some female hormones.

33 Number of years since Glen Campbell recorded “Try a Little Kindness.” The song’s lyrics were recited last week by a government official in Singapore as he introduced a campaign to encourage the country’s drivers to wave more often.

Sources: Mainichi Daily News, Sydney Morning Herald, AP