Shoptalk: A Fair Shake

The most powerful earthquake in the Pacific Northwest in half a century had many area ad folks trying to look on the bright side.

FCB Seattle president Ian Beavis fired off an e-mail to staffers, noting that “a 6.8 earthquake is a great way to remind us nature is in control.” An example of what not to do, he wrote, is “screaming ‘Oh [no], we’re on the top floor’ and running.”

Smokers in the parking lot were reminded that potential gas leaks make the habit more dangerous than usual. “If you have to do something, chew some Nicor ette!” Beavis wrote. “In fact, why don’t you use this opportunity to quit completely.”

The agency’s valor award went to Kris Mitchke, who ventured to the 50th floor of the Columbia Center for a client presentation.

DDB Seattle strangely benefitted from the quake—cinching a new-business win from a tech client as both sides huddled under a conference room table, says Rosalind Sciammas, marketing and PR manager.

In Vancouver, folks from DDB New York and Highway 61, Los Angeles, felt tremors while blocking Pokémon Battle Stadium spots. “The Vancouver people were kind of freaked out,” says DDB’s John Staffen. “The L.A. people just shrugged it off.” “That’s what we get for becoming a big film community,” a Vancouverite sniped. “Now we get earthquakes.” DAN LEVINE/AFP/NEWSCOM