ShopStyle Collective Rolls Out New Data Features So Influencers Can Understand the Sales They’re Driving

Those on the platform can now determine average order values

A group of ShopStyle influencers. Ijeoma Kola
Headshot of Diana Pearl

Influencers who are a part of the ShopStyle Collective affiliate network are about to get more information than they’ve ever had about the sales they’re driving for retailers.

This week, ShopStyle Collective, an affiliate earnings program for influencers, rolled out a set of new data features called the “Know Your Worth” program. These features will detail the total amount of the order that an influencer is driving to a retailer as well as the average order value they’re delivering—not just the amount of the commission an influencer themselves will earn from that particular order. The goal, Brent Locks, general manager of ShopStyle, said, is to give influencers a greater set of data to help them inform how they shape content going forward.

“If they see the average order value is $100 and under, they can do a post [on] ‘My favorite shoes for spring under $100,'” said Locks. “It really ensures that the content is relevant for the audience, because that’s what the data shows, and obviously it’s going to generate better conversion and more earnings for the influencer, and more sales for our retail partners.”

Locks said that the unveiling of these data points comes from an industry-wide move in the influencer business from campaigns centered around building brand awareness towards ones that focus on conversion and actually driving sales to a retailer. The development of these tools will help influencers to cater their content with the goal of driving these sales in mind.

“As we focus on building out our influencer business and really helping our influencers grow their own business, we have to help them more effectively meet these new advertiser expectations,” said Locks. “How do they evolve from really a brand building channel to a revenue-driving channel for our retail partners?”

Influencers, for their part, are happy with the updates. “This is amazing,” Erin Schrader, an influencer who runs the blog Living In Yellow, said. “I feel like we have never been able to understand our content better.”

Greater access to data is important for ShopStyle, though the days of these insights being available to influencers—and to ShopStyle—are still early. The next phase, Locks said, is to help educate influencers on how to turn these numbers into action for brand partners.

The hope is that influencers will be able to use this new data from their affiliate sales to land more brand partnerships and collaborations, ultimately becoming the most effective marketers they can be—in a way that’s still true and authentic to their own brands.

As Alison Stiefel, ShopStyle’s vp marketing, said: “We’re giving influencers those data points that can really make a digital marketer, and grow their revenue and brand.”

@dianapearl_ Diana is the deputy brands editor at Adweek and managing editor of Brandweek.