Shops Line Up for S&S

NEW YORK-Schieffelin & Somerset appears to be seeking a smaller agency to handle all duties on Grand Marnier, a brand that until recently was at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. Billings are estimated at $5 million.
Through AAR/Bob Wolf Partners, S&S has reached out to several New York shops with billings under $100 million, including Holland Advertising, DiNoto Lee and Siegel & Gale, among others, sources said. Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, which claims billings of about $140 million, also was approached. The agencies all declined comment. A short list of about five is expected before a decision in July.
The client is “looking to be a big fish in a small pond,” a source said. The client feels it needs more day-to-day attention, sources said. Kirshenbaum here is far larger than the shops being considered.
The client is seeking fully integrated marketing capabilities. Agencies needn’t have that in-house, but at the very least, all marketing will be coordinated by the agency. Chemistry will also be a big factor, sources said: “It is definitely going to come down to personalities.” Julie Falkoff, vice president, group director on Grand Marnier, did not return calls.
Kirshenbaum split with the New York client about a month ago. The shop retains S&S brands Hennessy, Mo”t & Chandon and Dom Perignon.
Recent ads for Grand Marnier, which ranks fifth among imported liqueurs, featured black-and-white photos of smiling twentysomethings with the line, “It changes everything.” Sales grew 27 percent to 380,000 cases in 1998. -with Justin Dini