This Shopping Cart Helps People Make Healthier Choices When Buying Groceries

Wunderman's latest for Lipton

One of the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle, outside of exercise, is making healthy choices at the grocery store. Wunderman MENA created a shopping cart that helps shoppers not only think about what they are putting in their cart, but how many calories they burn while doing it. Lipton Green Tea calls it "a gym on wheels in a supermarket."

"We wanted to create something that was advertising for good," Piotr Chrobot, executive creative director of Wunderman MENA, said. "This is something that would allow people to do something good for themselves and get into healthy choices. Green tea was always a healthy choice for them." 

The product, which took about six months to create, is just like your average shopping cart, but the handle is a fitness tracker. Chrobot said the idea behind the smart handle bar was that if people saw how many calories they burned while walking around the supermarket they might be more inclined to make healthier choices by "disrupting people in their everyday lives," he said.

Ideally the product will target men and women with busy lives, who don't always have time to exercise but are looking for ways to make healthier choices on a day-to-day basis. When you wander aimlessly around the grocery store and you're hungry, you probably throw just about anything in your cart. If the cart shows you how long you've been walking and how many calories you've burned, you're more likely to make smarter, healthier decisions.

A handful of carts are already circulating in Dubai, and Lipton plans to mass produce the carts by the beginning of next year. Lipton and Wunderman also plan on rolling out a mobile app as well so people can have the same experience with Lipton even if they don't have access to one of the shopping carts.



Piotr Chrobot – Executive Creative Director

Fernando Miranda – Senior Copywriter

Piotr Skarbek – Senior Copywriter

Lina Nader – Senior Art Director

Diego Rodriguez Wikander : Senior Art Director

Roger Possatto – Senior Art Director

Alvaro Bretel – Senior Strategic Planner

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Fahad Naeem – Senior Designer

Daniel Zacatenco – Senior Designer

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Client: Unilever

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