Shop Talk: Marshall’s Field

Asked for a possible tagline for his home town, Eminem might point to his song “Amity ville”: “That’s why we don’t call it Detroit, we call it Amityville/You can get capped after just havin’ a cavity filled.” But there must be a way for the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau to capitalize on the mega stardom of Marshall Mathers III, even if some see him as a not-so-favorite son.

Erin Berline, an account executive at the bureau’s agency, The Berline Group in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., says there are no immediate plans to use Eminem in ads. But she doesn’t rule it out, sug gesting he might slot well into the shop’s “What’s new” in Detroit cam paign, which already includes print work focusing on the city’s rich music scene.

Also intriguing would be a tour of Eminem-related hot spots, which fans have been taking on their own since 8 Mile opened. Visitors bureau rep Michelle Fusco says it isn’t out of the question, but says it would involve other musical landmarks, too. Shoptalk, who actually got married in a church on 8 Mile, a block and a half from the famous Eminem trailer park, would like to suggest two tour stops: the Hot Rocks Cafe in Warren, Mich., where the rapper earned two weapons charges after he got into it with a guy who was hitting on his then-wife, Kim Mathers, and the Royal Oak, Mich., stereo shop where a day later Eminem was charged with yet another weapons count, this time for allegedly pulling a gun on a guy from Insane Clown Posse.