Shop Talk: Go Figure

5,000 Number of “Santa-free area” stickers that German priest Eckhard Bieger has sold so far. Bieger, of Frankfurt’s Jesuit order, wants to remind people of the difference between St. Nicholas as a traditional figure and Santa Claus as a marketing tool. The stickers cost the equivalent of about 50 cents.

144 Number of grams of fat (along with 2,400 total calories) in a box of a dozen Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. One such box a month for life is the reward Krispy Kreme is offering for the safe return of a 20-by-10-foot blimp that was tethered outside its new Burlington, Wash., location but went missing over the Thanksgiving weekend. Krispy Kreme officials described the blimp—white, with the bow-tie logo and sprinkled with green dots—as a “beacon in the night” for peckish locals.

0 Odds that the Pope will appear in ads for the Zone Diet, according to its creator, Dr. Barry Sears. The Italian news paper Il Messegero reports the Pope is looking slimmer since going on the diet last spring to help his arthritis.

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