Shop Talk: Cool to Drool

Marketers encourage envious, covetous appreciation of their products, but when it comes to actual drooling, they get squeamish. Probably that’s because it’s disgusting. But StrawberryFrog thinks it’s hip, and has a big, slobbering European campaign for Sony Ericsson to prove it.

“It’s a fine line between ‘cool-drool’ and ‘fool-drool,'” advises the Am sterdam agency’s latest Web site, The site sort of promotes Sony’s T300 mobile phone but mostly just offers etiquette tips and trivia about a supposed drooling subculture, including five rules for how to “Be a Cool Drooler” and a smorgasbord of “Droolingo” (“A glossary from the brave new world of street drool”). Traffic is being driven by four ads, including the one here, in which a woman in a convertible sees a fellow driver using a T300 and begins salivating uncontrollably, soaking her dog, who sits, bemused, in the back seat.

Concurrently, a Dutch media firm called Dogvertise, founded by Strawberry Frog veteran Dylan Ingham, is recruiting hundreds of big, drooling dogs from around Europe to wear T300 doggie coats for six weeks this winter. Dogvertise is planning all sorts of projects, but for this one, says Ingham, “ideally we want bloodhounds, Great Danes, Irish wolf hounds and Saint Bernards. Anything smaller is no use.”