Shop Talk: 2002 – The Best of the Rest

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1. What was the most unfortu nate marketing stunt of 2002?

(a) Microsoft illegally plaster ing butterfly logos all over New York

(b) Parkay rolling out a talking margarine tub in grocery stores

(c) The California Milk Pro cessor Board trying to get Biggs, Calif., to rename itself Got Milk?

(d) Abercrombie & Fitch selling T-shirts with slogans that were offensive to Asian people

2. Which of the following did not emerge as a new advertising medium in 2002?

(a) Swiss cows

(b) Himalayan mountainsides

(c) Caribbean manatees

(d) Boxers’ backs

3. True or false: After being urged to stuff the ballot box for Adweek’s Maddy Awards, Aflac employees racked up a vote total for their duck mascot equal to roughly 25 percent of the company’s total staff count.

4. What motivational event went badly for a 20-piece bucket of KFC Australia marketing execs?

(a) Walking on hot coals

(b) Visit to Extreme Makeover

(c) Bungee jumping

(d) KFC Sur vivor Outback

5. Which of these promotions was not planned by a sports team this year?

(a) Kenneth Lay Bobble head Night

(b) Arthur Andersen Appre ciation Night

(c) Guaranteed Fight Night

(d) Jim Traficant Night Match each quote with the photo of the person who said it:

6. “Ads stink in direct proportion to the number of people who approve them.”

7. “When it comes to an organization, I don’t believe in a democracy. I believe in a benevolent dictatorship.”

8. “We have to maintain creative diversity. Communities end up getting out of whack when there’s not a balance of power.”

9. “When did sexiness and brains become mutually exclusive? Why can’t we have it all?”

10. “The Mini is the first center fold I’ve ever noticed. I just pick up Playboy for the articles.”

11. “Creativity. Great for mar keting. Bad for accounting.”

12. True or false: Jared Fogle was furious about the scene in Austin Powers in Goldmember that shows Fat Bastard shrunken and horribly wrinkled as a result of the Subway diet.

13. A poster from J. Walter Thompson advertising JWT Cares Day referred to Lassie as a what?

(a) Role model

(b) Do-gooder

(c) Altruist

(d) Selfish bastard

14. True or false: Asked by the Brown Daily Herald what she thought of the huge Ellen Feiss look-alike contest held this fall in Holland, Apple’s teenage switcher responded, “The tooth less old man was hands down the best, but no one actually looked anything like me.”

15. This Michigan high-school student, who shares a name with a top advertising creative, won McCann-Erickson’s Coura geous Persuaders ad contest.

(a) David Angelo

(b) Gary Topolewski

(c) Jamie Barrett

(d) Eric Hirshberg

16. What did the Wen della Boat Tours guide who took Shoptalk on a Chicago sightseeing tour in July have against Leo Burnett?

(a) Burnett had just resigned the Wendella account.

(b) He thought the Leo Burnett building was an eyesore.

(c) He felt Burnett had un leashed the scourge of branding with the Jolly Green Giant.

(d) He’d been fired from Burnett. 17. McDonald’s caused a stir in France by placing a newspaper ad urging people to do what?

(a) Boycott Burger King

(b) Try the McEscargot

(c) Oppose war with Iraq

(d) Take their kids to Mc Donald’s no more than once a week

18. True or false: The Tetrick quadrup lets, two sets of identi cal twins born this year in Wichita, Kan., saw their chances of secur ing a corporate sponsor suffer when the father of sextup lets born in the same city in the same 24-hour period said he was “raised not to go out and beg.”

19. Captain Hoofers, the horsey creative star at Butler, Shine & Stern, con stantly doodles the logo of which metal band?

(a) Black Sabbath

(b) The Scorpions

(c) Dio

(d) Rainbow

20. Running under the tagline “Bald is beau tiful,” Warren Tolman finished in what position in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts governor?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Last


Who are these people, and what are they doing


1. Vote at 2. (c) 3. False. It was more like 35 percent. 4. (a) 5. (a) 6. (e) Ross Sutherland of Young & Rubicam 7. (b) Bob Kuperman, DDB 8. (f) Chuck McBride, TBWA\Chiat\Day 9. (a) Stone Roberts, Gotham (speaking about Paula Zahn) 10. (d) Alex Bogusky, Crispin Porter + Bogusky 11. (c) Tracy Wong, WongDoody 12. False. He was reportedly delighted by it. 13. (d) 14. True 15. (b) 16. (c) 17. (d) 18. True 19. (c) 20. (d) holiday bonus John and Cindy Dooner at the Grimm’s Fairy Tales dinner, part of the Library Novel Night Fundraiser in Pelham, N.Y.