Imelda Marcos may be known for her shoe obsession, but she has nothing on shoe de-signer Stuart Weitzman, at least as imagined by Korey Kay & Partners.

“A while ago, we came up with what we felt would be the world according to Stuart Weitzman, who sees everything in relation to shoes,” said Allen Kay, chairman and chief creative officer of the New York shop. Previous ads showed watercolors in which butterflies, roses and birds all resembled shoes, and Weitzman designing dresses that looked like shoes.

For fall, Weitzman’s version of a jack-o’-lantern will appear in September magazines, including a foldout poster in Vogue. At first the pumpkin seems normal, until you notice all features, except the nose, resemble shoes.

Stay tuned for more of the world as seen by Weitzman. “What we try to do each season is be totally surprising,” said Kay. “So no one knows what we’re going to do next.”