A pair of wise-cracking electrical outlets will educate Connecticut consumers about utility deregulation.
Starting Jan. 1, residents and businesses will be able to pick their electricity supplier. In a TV spot created by KGA Advertising, two outlets banter about the upcoming change.
“Man, I got a shock the other day,” the first outlet says. “I heard we could choose who we get our electricity from.”
“Hmm,” says the other. “The choice of power. The power of choice.”
“Who died and made you slogan king?” the first outlet shoots back.
The English and Spanish versions of the TV spot are running until late next year. They are part of a Connecticut Department of Utility Control campaign that also includes radio, print and outdoor ads.
Middletown, Conn.-based KGA hit upon the concept of talking outlets when looking for a way to reach every state resident over 18. According to the agency, the outlets tested well in focus groups and should appeal to a broad audience since they have no gender, age or ethnicity–and just a spark of attitude.